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sext: kinda wanna suck ur dick kinda wanna cry
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Perfection doesn’t exist in anyone of us. Perfection wasn’t even made for Gods. If things were perfect there wouldn’t be any lessons or realizations in life. There wouldn’t be any type of rite of passage to understand the meaning of life and the truth that comes along with it.

Even though perfection is the outmost difficult to achieve or even master, we all kind of find someone that depicts it’s definition. That person is someone you want to devout yourself to. That person that makes you feel the nearest to perfection is what you need. Without that person you’ll really feel loneliness stronger than you ever will. It’ll be the best and the worst. You’ll learn to value and embrace every inch of their being. You’ll learn that people like them are the reason you push harder and hold onto everything. It’s like being born again every time you love each other.

You see, I don’t think anyone will understand how much the fire burns inside my body for you. We aren’t perfect, but we are perfect for each other. When you have someone who changes you for the better, pushes you to be better, and loves you enough to accept your flaws, nothing will seem more right than you. You’re my compass to a life worth living. A life that I know we can fight for, and the life we always dream of. I never thought I’d say I will love this girl until the very end, until you came along and showed me to be the very best for you and me. I love you, more and more each day, and I always will.

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